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With 1xbet calculator app you can check if some bet offers an arbitrage or not and also you get your bet sizes as outputs to make optimized surebet for maximum gain
This doesn’t mean we have taken our eye off the ball when it comes to our calculator’s. No! You will still find the best selection of free 1xbet calculators anywhere on Store right here.
Although betting returns are the most popular kind of online 1xbet calculator, this is just scratching the surface of what we offer here. Much more can be done to help your chances against the old enemy — The allbestbets Bookies. And our betting tools will help you do this.
Many users ask us about football bet calculators, horse betting calculators or whichever sport it is they love. Generally speaking most bet calc’s can be used across any sport. Reason being they are used to help with staking plans, converting odds or calculating betting profits. The basic allbestbets principles behind these calculators are the same for all sports bets and even novelty bet and political surebet betting.
But to take the premise of sports betting calculators one step further we have gone above and beyond anything our allbestbets competitors offer and have several calculators on odds compiling for individual sports. The current favourites are our football odds compiling calculator and Horse racing forecast bet calculator.
Even our standard bet calculator isn’t the only bet returns calculators we offer. These are just the most widely used bet types across the industry. There are many more obscure bet types (Round Robin, Union jack etc.), and these can be found throughout this site. Either have a quick browse or type the name of the surebet in the search bar.
You can also download our excel betting calculator by signing up to our newsletter. Where we will also inform you of any new calculator we have made. surebet Or use our old 1xbet calculator that was made using flash, so youll need the plugin to use it.
No one starts at the top, so there is no shame in needing to know the basics. Although with sports betting this lack of knowledge isn’t always obvious; people tend to use a lot of bravado when discussing their betting selections. Often bluffing they know much more on the subject than they actually do. Why? This is normally down to them not seeing a difference between a knowledge of allbestbets sports and an insight into betting. But these allbestbets are in fact two completely different skill surebet sets.
So what if you can spout out ten reasons why your team will be victorious this weekend, or twenty for that matter. It means nothing if you can’t translate that information into betting odds and derive if what’s on offer at the bookies is value. If this sounds a little like you then start working your way through our betting basics articles.
Betting Glossary — Something you will refer back to from time to time. Knowing key 1xbet betting terms and slang is essential to expanding your allbestbets knowledge.
You will generally stay away from the unknown. Use our 1xbet calculator app to build your confidence in taking on new bet types
Understanding value betting — A fundamental principle that even experienced bettors don’t appreciate the importance of. Getting to grips with this basic betting idea will help with every advanced betting system or method.
The best of our competitors in this category has to be Free 1xBet Calculator. It works great on both desktop and mobile phones. They allow you to calculate the total stake and profit for a comprehensive range of bets, including some of the more obscure ones like Round Robin and Union Jack bets. On a negative side, it is a very small site with limited information on sports betting. It also doesn’t have any other type of bet calculators more advanced punters would find helpful