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Welcome to the CASINO locator app – the app the will find you every casino available and match the results to the ones around you!

Our locator search mechanism will locate casinos based on your preferences and show you the ones that are suiting your taste.

** Get the hottest CASINO OFFERS around you with ease **

How to use the app?
1. Download the app from the AppStore
2. Our locator will start searching for relevant CASINO OFFERS around you
3. Find something you like? Great! If not, you can always change your preferences to make the search even better
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What you will find inside our locator app:

***Radar that uses your GPS (make sure it’s turned on) that will locate casinos around you
*** Instant CASINO GAME OFFERS that will match your location and preferences
*** READ INFORMATION about each casino to fully understand if it the right one for you
*** Use our newsletter to maximize your experience

Note: we are always adding more and more companies to our search, so even if you did not find any casino around you – please try later, as we are doing our best to add more casinos

you must be over 21 years old to use this app! In addition – please note that this app only function is to locate casinos and you won’t be able to play from the app!

For more information, please contact us using our email address and we will more than happy to reply back in less than 24 hours