Bird War: Matching three game


Be a hero and join Alan, a farmer kid in saving his crop from an army of birds coming from the sky. Don’t fall for their cuteness as they are coming to steal your crop.

Are you quick in making moves? Go for Forever mode.
* FOREVER- keep them coming… A non-stop mode in which an army of birds is coming forever, tap your fingers fast as level goes up! So make your move and stop the birds from reaching the sky. Pop the birds and recover the grain. Fill the side Bar with grain and get help from Cannon-flies and Scorp-smash in exchange.

Ohh !!! So you are a strategist, ClearAll is for you.
* CLEARALL- a thinkers game, plan your move and clear them all. The motive is to whip out as many waves of birds as possible. Plan your strategy and clear’em all in two minutes. Spend your extra moves wisely. A new game guaranteed every time!
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