Block Party Bingo


Block Party Bingo is the hottest new bingo game with jackpot prizes and endless rewards, all for free and without the wait! In this bingo blitz, games begin in less than 30 seconds! Replace your boring old bingo game with Block Party Bingo’s exciting graphics and mega bonus rewards.

Free Bingo Action!
Block Party Bingo is heaven for bingo fans! Play free live games of bingo, whether you’re out and about or relaxing at home. With wait times of 30 seconds or less, each match is a blitz of frantic, fun action!

Everyone’s A Winner!
There’s always an opportunity to win big in Block Party Bingo! Play 1 bingo card for a standard game, or play up to 4 bingo cards for bonus chances to win. You can get up to 25 BINGOS in one game! There’s even Power-Ups, Daub Assist, and Bingo Assist to help you claim first place. The fun never ends when you’re winning!

Gorgeous Artwork and Exciting Graphics
Experience an incredible journey across a beautiful world. Grab bonus stickers and gifts! Watch the power-ups pop to life on your bingo cards, and enjoy multiple stunning world themes! It’s the most beautiful bingo game in the App Store.

Incredible World Themes!
Explore the world of bingo, one showdown at a time. Start off winning the jackpot at the neighborhood’s Sunset Party, where the music and good vibes never stop…but the fun doesn’t end there! Hop aboard the SMS Daubington and venture through different Bingo Worlds: play with the kangaroos in Down Under Adventure, then hula dance in paradise at Ancient Island! Swim with the mermaids in Mystical Reef, enjoy the sights at San Francisco Bay, and MUCH more!

===Block Party Bingo Features===
• Games start in less than 30 seconds
• Play from 1-4 Bingo cards at once for bonus win chances
• Win huge jackpots with up to 25 Bingos
• Explore the world with stunning themes
• Use the Map to navigate to different worlds
• Collect souvenir stickers from each world to unlock new locations
• Stunning artwork
• Activate flashy Power-Ups that pop off the screen
• Daub assists and Bingo assists
• Diverse Bingo patterns for different worlds

Fans of slots and Vegas games will love Block Party Bingo’s quick wins and big jackpots! Download now and start your winning streak!