Calculator Texas Holdem


Give yourself the edge in Texas Holdem Poker!

Use this calculator to determine the odds of your pre-flop hand, and therefore improve your chances of winning that massive pot!

Unlike most other Texas Holdem calculators (which use cold mathematical probabilities), this one uses actual data from real games, so it more accurately reflects what really happens at the table.

The calculator is dead easy to use, but just in case you’re scratching your head, here’s some instructions:

You can create up to six hands — useful for those who like to play more than one game at a time.
To setup the hand, just click on a card, then select the appropriate suit and number value from the selections at the bottom of the screen.

Once you’ve selected both cards in a hand, the percentage score will appear next to that hand. This score is obviously dependant upon the cards you choose, but it is also affected by the number of players at the table (which you can select from the Players section).
The number of players in the game is stored against each hand that you enter, and is indicated by the yellow highlight in the Players section.

The Best Play will indicate to you what you should be considering from a betting point of view.

If you’ve got more than one hand completed on the main table in the iPhone version, the Best Play will relate to the currently selected hand (indicated by a highlight around one of the hand scores).
On the iPad version, each hand has it’s own ‘Best Play’ and ‘Players at Table’ indicators.

You can change a previously selected card’s suit or number value at any time — just select the card, and plug in a new suit and/or number value.

Need a bit of extra help? Then click on the Tips or Betting buttons at the bottom of the screen for useful tips on getting the best out of your hand, and help with improving your betting strategies.

So get on that table, and win some big bucks!