Canfield Muddled Solitaire


Classic Canfield where the tableau builds in any suit but matching.

All four games are fully functional and free-to-play, no in-app purchases.

The board is made of four components
1) The Foundation: Build up (Ace to King) in matching suit. The objective is to move all 52 cards here.
2) The Tableau: Build these four columns down (King to Ace) is alternating colored suits.
3) The Stock Pile: Tap «More Cards» to populate with three cards from the deck. You may cycle through the deck as many times as you like.
4) The Reserves: 13 cards, only the top card can be moved onto the Tableau or the Foundation. If a column in the Tableau is empty it will automatically fill with the top card of the Reserves. If the Reserves are empty the top card of the Stock will be used to fill the empty column.

CLASSIC: The standard rules
NAKED: Reserve piles revealed
RUSH: Three passes through the deck, 3, 2, then 1 card at-a-time.
FLEX: Empty tableau columns not automatically filled