Catanerator Pro — Settlers of Catan Map Generator+


Catanerator Pro Features:

* Random board generator with customizable probability and port settings
* Expansion board compatible
* Sea Farers board compatible
* Dice roller
* Dice history and statistics
* No advertisements

Settlers of Catan is an exciting, strategy, social board game which is played around a randomly generated board. Players collect resources, including wood, brick, sheep, wheat and ore, to trade or build new roads and settlements. First person to 10 points wins.

Catanerator Pro is a tool used to generate a board which distributes the odds in a fashion that allows a customizable balance. Now you can play Settlers of Catan with a board which does not give unfair advantages to certain players. Also, Catanerator Pro features a dice roller which keeps track of the history of the rolls and graphs the frequency of each number.