Coin Dozer Pro


Limited time SALE! Save 66% of the normal price!

Pro Version Features:
*No Ads!
*Full screen play!
*Better Performance! (as a result of having no ads)
*Starts with 75 Coins!

COIN DOZER, the smash-hit game from Game Circus! The free version has over 30,000,000 downloads and counting!!!

#1 app in Japan, UK, Hong Kong, Macau, Nederland, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Philippines!
#1 game in France, Belgium, Denmark, and Indonesia!
#2 game in the U.S and many more!

COIN DOZER comes straight from your favorite arcade or fair park and onto your iPhone! The game you’ve spent countless hours playing, now in the palm of your hand! No change needed.
Push shiny coins and exciting prizes into your hands by dropping some from your pocket and into the machine. Watch out though! Try not to push them off the sides and out of your reach. Collect teddy bears, fuzzy dice, sparkling gems and more for special bonuses or even more coins! It’s ok if your coins run out, more will be filling up your pockets very soon Keep checking back to complete your collection of prizes!

Game includes:
-Impressive 3-D graphics
-36 prizes to collect
-Amazingly realistic physics
-Over 44 Special Coins and Prizes!
-Lots of special effects
More updates coming soon!

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  • Ja34 Привет
    Хороша гра
  • Екатерина1984 Ааааа дурная она, но я ее люблю:)
    Игра для настоящих маньяков!:)
  • Ffgdsyg Master
    Почему не сделали перенос достижений из демо версии?
  • Qwаотмпв Good
  • Кристина•_• Не совсем интересно.
    Игра не очень интересная.Надоедает после первых двух-трех минут.
  • Coldman567 Coin drop
    Awesome time-killer. But have to wait for a very looong time till I get all the coins again =/
  • Dohas Super
  • VG1976 Super
  • Vivaftf Супер
    Супер игра