Coin Party: Carnival Pusher


The BEST coin dozing experience ever.. and its FREE! Bring back the CARNIVAL in full 3D!

Coin Party puts hours of fun in your hands with an amazing dozer 3D experience. Drop a constant flow of gold coins onto the dozer to push piles of cash and prizes your way. Unlock amazing quests, tables, and power-ups along the way. Visit the mini-game section to spin the wheel of fortune or play party slots — the fun just doesn’t end! Win mega bonuses, rewards, and prizes!

Coin Party features:

— Top-notch 3D graphics for a live carnival experience
— Special quests and upgrades
— Fun collectible prizes, toys, cars, candies and lots more!
— Superb physics, special effects and animations
— Magic chips with unique pusher powers
— Party Slots
— Spin the Wheel of Fortune!
— Compete on leader-boards and unlock achievements
— Monthly live events and special characters!
— Multiple sales and discounts!

Play Coin Party today for the most awesome coin dozer carnival experience on the store!

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