Coin-tucky Derby — Penny Arcade Machine


And they’re off! Experience the thrill of nostalgia with this arcade machine replica. Win a virtual fortune without the danger of losing real money. An authentic recreation of the classic mechanical horse race betting machine found in arcades and casinos around the world. Place your bets on any of the five horses before they run automatically. Win up to 25 credits from just one bet if you dare to risk it or play safe with the favorites. Features simulated mechanical horse racing including acceleration and overtaking just like the arcade game plus with retro sound effects.
You start off with 10 credits. Just place your bets using the glowing «BET NOW» buttons. You can bet while the «BET NOW» Sign appears from the top. Once the button lights turn off and the Bet Now sign disappears then betting is over and racing begins. If you lose all your credits, do not worry. Just leave the machine and grab some more free virtual credits from the change machine. You only get 10 credits at a time so the aim is to try to build it up slowly unless you like to take a risk.
You do have the option to purchase 1000 credits but it is not necessary and does not affect the games enjoyment or performance.

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