fut 17 Pro — Packs Opener


Draft Fifa 17 is a unofficial tool for Fifa 17. It helps play to beat their friends in FUT.Draft 17 is intended to help players to practice their skills in building great teams.
With this draft simulator you can:
— Build free drafts with the updated FUT 17 database
— Open free packs
— Simulate tournaments and win rewards
— Design and build squads
— See the new cards as they are released
This card collection simulator is based on Ultimate Team 17 cards.
Open the packs and collect all the cards! Compare your scores with your friends’ via in-game leaderboards. You may open an unlimited number of packs at no cost.

Congratulations, you have found the Ultimate FUT 17 card collection game!

Note: These packs are purely for your fun — there is no connection to your FUT 17 club.
Simulator Pack opener for Fut contains many packs that contain all prior In form players and special throwback versions of players at their prior clubs, countries, stats, and positions.
Open packs with this app that use with draft simulator and collect all the cards! Find the best pack to be the leader in sports strategy games.
How many packs can you open?

— You can open an unlimited number of packs. Top rare players, tap to view player details, including stats, skills, and weak foot.

Mock draft simulator it is free, and it is not connected with your club, this pack simulator is for entertainment purposes only and it is just for fun.

Thanks for downloading our app, we hope you will enjoy it.

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