Guild of Dungeoneering


Set sail for Pirate’s Cove! The first Adventure Pack is now available as a FREE update!

Become the ultimate Dungeon Master as you bribe, entice and coax your heroes through their adventures on a quest to restore your guild to its ultimate glory! Guild of Dungeoneering is a unique turn-based RPG with a twist: instead of controlling the hero, you build the dungeon around him. Using cards drawn from your Guild decks, you lay down rooms, monsters, traps and of course loot! Meanwhile your hero is making his own decisions on where to go and what to fight. But will he be strong enough to take on the dungeon’s overlord? In between dungeon runs and card based battles, manage your Guild building new rooms to attract new classes of adventurer and to expand your decks of cards with more powerful items and events.

Guild of Dungeoneering will reward you for purchasing now by giving you all future content updates for FREE! As each content update is made we may be charging a little bit more for the game. Our first expansion pack, Pirates Cove, adds 30% more content to the game including a whole new region, 21 new quests, 3 classes, 23 monsters, and a ton of booty.

Does not require an online connection to play.

NOTE: Guild of Dungeoneering does NOT run on the iPad mini 1, iPad2, iPhone 4 or similar hardware.

• A turn-based RPG card game with a truck ton of personality, unique pen and paper visuals, catchy music and hilarious writing!
• Take control of your fledgling group of heroes and lead them to victory! (after admitting to a few defeats of course)
• Entice, coax and bribe your heroes to clear the dungeons you build by strategically placing rooms, monsters and loot from the cards you are dealt
• Get to know each of your hero’s personality and traits, upgrade your existing heroes, and add new heroes while you try out new strategies to keep from sending them to their doom!
• Manage your guild carefully and spend your hard earned ‘glory’ wisely to level up and unlock more rooms and equipment. Improving your guild means you’ll have a better chance at beating the harder dungeons as you progress and take down the ultimate dungeon overlord.



  • Апрнг Crashes every 5 seconds
    Tried to play on Ipad2 (iOS 9), it is impossible, the game crashes every 5 seconds!!!
  • VivaLaRoms Beautiful
    Игра понравилась, однако в описании указан русский язык, который по факту отсутствует.
  • Skonikol Где, вашу мать, заявленный русский???
    Задолбали писать все подряд языки!!! Вот реально лень писать, бабки возвращать, на это, походу, и рассчитывают.
  • WhoIsMysterion Crashes
    Stability crashes all the time..
  • __Kipish__ Ошибка
    Выбрасывает из игры.невозможно играть.ipad air.
  • Edelsi Не загружается на iPad Pro
    Пытаюсь загрузить купленную игру, пишет - ошибка при загрузке! Как деньги вернуть?
  • BlackDragonOfArmageddon Crashes
    It's good game but crashes every 5 minutes.Its impossible to play.Do something with this or I return my money
  • Mix90rus Не прочитал отзывы и купил ????
    Wtf, why not Russian?
  • voenkom Не понял.
    Купил, только из-за того, что в описании заявлен русский язык. Ну и где он?