The top-ranked Hearts game with:
Live online multiplayer • Achievements • Statistics • Game options • Smart AI opponents • Frequent updates and improvements • Lots of happy players, join now!

Until now, Hearts has been limited to 2-dimensional play. It’s time to take your Hearts experience into the 3rd dimension with Hearts++ for iPhone and iPad.

Hearts++ raises the bar on graphics and interactivity in card games, using the best technology iPhone and iPad have to offer to give a simple, fun, and beautiful experience.

Hearts++ was created by long-time hearts lovers and our passion for the game shows. Whether you’re addicted, with a 52-card deck in your back pocket, or just enjoy a casual game, Hearts++ is your new card game of choice.

+ Play online with your friends and everyone else!
+ Realistic look and feel, just like sitting at a card table!
+ Game options, including «Jack of Diamonds»
+ Achievements, some easy, some hard, can you get them all?
+ Challenging and competitive computer opponents
+ Automatic game saving, just in case you get a call right before shooting the moon
+ Simple tutorial to help beginners get in the game fast
+ No ads!

What players are saying
***** «Great Game. I have tried lots of ‘Hearts’ game Apps and this is by far the best so far.»

***** «Best Hearts app period.»

***** «Very realistic. Great game! Many built in features that make game realistic and simple to play.»

***** «I am hooked. I spend way too much time with this game.»

***** «Excellent App, fun and challenging!»

***** «Great Fun! Awesome app. I’m addicted.»

***** «Love playing hearts. This game is addicting. So much so they should omit showing the cumulative number of hours/days that you have played. It’s depressing!»

***** «Easy to use and fun! Challenging and great graphics. Highly recommend if you’re into Hearts.»

***** «Fun! Fun! Fun! Great game. There is nothing I don’t enjoy about this game.»

***** «Excellent game! Very addictive, nice graphics. A must for card lovers. Best Hearts I ever played !»

***** «The best heart game I have ever played»

***** «Enjoy playing program I can beat but more importantly can beat me. Good fun !»

***** «Fun and challenging! Challenging because it’s not easy to win and fun for the same reason!»



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