Hokm for Hustlers


More popular than Blackjack. More strategic than Poker. Hokm is the ultimate card game played by millions worldwide where your partner depends on your every move.

Similar to games like Hearts, Spades, Tarneeb, Whist, and Euchre, Hokm is no ordinary card game. It takes hustling to a whole new level.

Hokm is for Hustlers.

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* Now with Global & Local Multiplayer! (In-App Purchases) *


* Single Player Game (with built-in AI)
* Global Multiplayer (with an In-App Purchase)
— Use your Game Center Account (required) to player with thousands of Hokm Players (and your friends) anywhere in the world!
— Chat with fellow Hokm Players while playing!
* Local Multiplayer (with an In-App Purchase)
— Play Hokm with your friends via WiFi or Bluetooth
* Earn Hokm Points for playing well and keep track of your Games Won, comparing them with all other Hokm players worldwide! (Requires a Game Center account)
* Beautiful graphics (amazing Retina Display for iPhone 4, and even looks great on the iPad!)
* Soothing Persian background music (which you can turn off easily and put on your own tunes while playing)
— Choose Your Game Carpet / Background (17 awesome ones to choose from)
— Choose Your Player Picture (makes multiplayer more fun)
* Easy to resume a game (Single Player Only)
* Easy to understand interface
* Fluid, one handed gameplay
* Realistic sounds
* Follows the traditional rules of Hokm. The way our grandparents would play it.
* With a promise of constant updates built from your feedback!


Quick Tip for Local Multiplayer

In order to play local multiplayer, all players must be on the same WiFi Network OR ALL have their Bluetooth On.

If you are finding issues connecting, please TURN OFF your WiFi and TURN ON your Bluetooth for all devices, and things should work more smoothly. (Bluetooth may take up to 30 seconds initially to turn on, so be patient)

PS: If you like Traditional Persian Music, check out ‘Radio Darvish’!