Hot Dice


! The famous Hot Dice rogues landed on your mobile, still more HOT and full of options!

Spice up your evenings and your married life. The principle is simple: to shake or touch the 3 dice «action», «body parts» and «so / gluttony.

In this version even more HOT you can find the following options:

— 2 game modes: Sexy or Gluttony
— Choice of soft or HOT and her or him for actions
— Automatic mix between him and her ability to disable
— Integration of a random timer with sound alert
— Automatic Renewal of the dice, can disable
— An improved cheat mode, press the little hearts on the bottom right to see your custom actions in the options!

Very complete with tender shares or exciting parts of the body’s most erogenous.

Here are the possibilities for action:

— Fondling
— Kiss
— Touch
— Lick
— Massage
— Sucking
— Censored …

For parts of the body:

— Breast / Torso
— Back
— Buttocks
— Lips
— Belly
— Neck
— Hands
— Legs
— Sex
— Censored

For the greedy method:

— Ice
— Chantilly
— Champagne
— Chocolate
— ETC …

Good fun and feel free to leave your comments and suggestions, thank you. The only original version of dice rogues fully configurable according to your desires most HOT, the combinations are endless! Beware of counterfeits …