IQ Mission: Casino Royale


A logical game which can make you addicted!

Welcome to a casino unlike any other. Consigliere Cesare Ricco, already tired with playing roulette, suggests playing dice. Do you accept the challenge?

Don’t count on luck but rather on your intelligence. And make friends with the croupier as you are about to spend sleepless nights in his company…

Your task is to place all the dice in the designated places. The rules are simple – the number of pips on each dice indicates the number of spaces by which to move the particular dice.
TO MAKE THINGS MORE INTERESTING there are 3 types of dice: white, yellow and red. Each type behaves differently. The white and red dice can push the white or yellow ones. The yellow dice jump over all the neighboring dice, and the red ones cannot be moved by the other dice. It’s much easier to understand it while you’re playing than it is to describe it.

Plan every move because our stages cannot be completed by luck.

— 3 levels of difficulty: EASY, NORMAL and HARD
— 48 game boards
— applicable to iPhone 5
— automatic game synchronization via iCloud
— integration with Facebook and Twitter
— hint mode available

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