iZilch chosen as a «Staff Favorites» and «What’s Hot» in Games!

iZilch makes your iPhone or iPod touch come alive. A gentle shake will roll the dice. The dice look and sound real, and you drag them to the Dice Scoring Area to score points. There are other dice games on the iPhone, but none of them feel like this!

This game is easy to learn and quick to master, but because you have to constantly adapt your strategy to the changing game conditions, it stays interesting and fresh for hours of addictive game play. But watch out, the iPhone and iPod touch are tough opponents!

To play iZilch, you roll the dice and then decide which dice you want to use for scoring. You can keep rolling as long as you have dice that score, but if you ever roll without scoring, you lose all the points you have accumulated for that round (Zilch!). Once you decide to stop rolling, you lock in your points for that round, and the iPhone or iPod Touch takes its turn.

It’s all about risk and reward. Smart play helps, but you still have to ask yourself, «Do I feel lucky?»

Demo video at http://www.crystalspringssoftware.com


— Play against the iPhone or iPod touch
— Dice look and sound real
— Shake iPhone or iPod touch to roll Dice
— Animated dice rolling and game flow
— Play game to 3,000 or 10,000 points
— Option to require 500 points to start
— Drag dice to «Dice Scoring Area» to score points
— All game rules enforced as you play
— Resume interrupted games (phone calls or switching apps)
— New Game button quits current game
— Keeps track of games won, lost and quit
— Reset games won to see who wins a group of games