A way to pass the time under that umbrella on the beach this summer!

Kristoon is a fusion of the three card games Blackjack, Rummy and Poker:

Like Blackjack to win a hand you must get as close to but without exceeding a total of twenty-one
Like Rummy you can exchange cards with other players to improve your hand (or to escape a bust)
Like Poker you need to mange your money shrewdly: This is a game of attrition where you can only win the match by the elimination of all your opponents — and that’s by bankrupting them


You will start with just 15 groats and almost everything you do is going to cost you — things get more expensive as the game goes on! Each hand will cost an initial stake of one groat, taking a card will cost at least one groat, and this will increase by a groat for each player eliminated and trading a card will cost at least two groats and this will increase by two groats for every player eliminated
There is no banker, each hand has a kitty whose size varies depending on how the play evolved
You can only hold a maximum of three cards

The playing table has the deck in the middle flanked by two boxes:

The kitty used to amass the groats which form the prize
The twist-box where any additional cards dealt from the deck are placed prior to their joining a hand

The deck is shuffled when the table opens, but never again during the game.

At the start of each hand each player is dealt two cards, the first face down (the ‘hole card’) and the second face up. Each player has the following options on their turn (unless they are already in possession of three cards):

Pass: ends the players turn but the player may still have the opportunity to Take or Trade offered cards

Card: to deal a card from the deck to the twist-box at the cost of at least one groat (see Stakes below) to the player. When a card tis dealt to the twist-box then additional options become available:

⁃ Take the card
⁃ Offer the card to other players (at no extra cost)
⁃ Trade the card for another

Whenever a card in the twist-box is offered or traded it will be offered to each of the remaining players in turn each of whom may Pass, Take (or Trade. A player taking the offered card will forfeit their own turn (if they have not already played it as they will have three cards already) but may still have the opportunity to Trade, at additional cost.

Obviously for the options to Take or Trade to appear depends on the player having enough groats left to cover the cost.

Note that when a player whose turn it is offers or trades a card they always run the risk of getting the same card back if no opponent chooses to take it or to get a completely different card back if an opponent choses to trade. A player whose hand exceeds 21 is bust and takes no further part in the hand.

If a player chooses to trade their hole-card then they are “naked” and their opponents can take advantage of this as at the very least they will know what to beat and, if the player goes naked in-turn, their opponents could dump a high value card on them forcing them to bust.

When all of the players have completed their turn, the winner is decided as follows:

▪ Royal — 21 in three sevens beats all

▪ Blackjack — 21 in two cards

▪ Nearest to 21 — in two or three cards

The kitty is only paid out if there is a single winner of the hand. In the event of a tie for the best hand in either variant the kitty is left and the hand is replayed.

Variants: WTA (winner takes all) pays the entire kitty to the winner and BHW (Best Hands Win) is a longer game variant which pays the kitty proportionally to the best placed hands according to the the following rules:

> 3 players left: pays 60% of the kitty to the winner, 30% to the runner(s) up and 10% to the third placed hands
3 Players left: pays 70% of the kitty to the winner, 30% to the runner up
2 players left: pays all to the winner

Note that Royal always wins the entire kitty and that bust hands receive nothing