Loaded Dice


(Play fair or) CHEAT YOUR PANTS OFF!

These loaded dice will fool anybody. They look, feel and sound like real dice but they are NOT!
This app contains LOADED DICE and only you will know the secret of how to make them all end up showing 6!
-We guarantee that that you will get plenty of good laughs from this app — and you are definitely going to be the center of attention until your secret is reviled.

These are nice 3D dice perfect for a game of chance and skill. Click a die to lock and minimize it and the die stays put until the end of your game. You may unlock it at any time if you wish to.

* Shown only as «Dice» on your iPhone/iPod so no one will become suspicious.
* Play with 1 to 6 dice.
* Lock and release dice — perfect for lots of trademarked games 😉
* Shake iPhone/iPod and the dice move accordingly.
* AND this dice app actually has a PROPER dice sound.
* Rumbles to let only you know when you have activated the cheating mechanism.
* ..AND OF COURSE: cheat, cheat, CHEAT!

The developer of this application is by no means responsible for whatever trouble you get into if you get caught cheating in a game of dice.