This is a traditional Mahjong game in which you play against 3 players. You may play against the computer, or play with one to three other friends or network players via Game Center. Seats that are not filled by friends or network players are played by the computer. With the multiplayer game, you may exchange group text messages and voice chats while in the game.

Each player is dealt 13 tiles in a hand. The players take turns to draw a tile and discard one. The goal is to make 4 sets and 1 pair. You can win by drawing a new tile or claiming a discarded tile that completes the hand of 14 tiles. Hands formed must be of some minimum point value (0-3) in order to win the round. A zero base point would allow chicken hand. The default is 0 base point, but can be customized.

If the base point is set to greater than zero, an attempt to steal a discard that does not produce the minimum points to win will be preempted by another player’s claim for pung, for example. Falsely declaring a win when the hand does not meet the base point will be penalized. The claim on a discard to form a hand with enough points to win has priority over other attempts to form kong, punt, or chow.

Refer to wikipedia for a detailed description of the suite and scoring system of the game.

As few reviewers noted, this game offers realistic play. Drag the tile discarded by another player to your hand to claim it. Drag a tile out to discard it. If you draw a winning or kong tile, push multiple tiles forward to show your hand.
You can move and rearrange the tiles at will. To have them sorted automatically, do a hoizontal swipe above your hand.

On iPad, it supports layout on the larger screen in both portrait and landscape modes.

A convenient feature, especially for single handheld play on the iPhone, is you can also click on the hand button to claim a tile or declare a win.

You can adjust the game speed and sound. You can also control that hands be of some minimum point value (0-3) in order to win the round. A zero base point would allow chicken hand.

Choose «Align discarded tiles» to line discarded tiles neatly, else discarded tiles are spinned and placed randomly.

You can choose to play flower and season tiles.

You can change the the color of the background and tiles, or use a picture as the game background.

Multitask switching on supported iOS. Game is paused when you switch away from the App and automatically resumed when you return. Resume button is still used to resume game saved if App is terminated (or for older iOS without multitask support).

The players bank will be shown at the start of the game. To see the bank during the game, tap on the player’s name.

Your name in the game is taken from the Game Center alias and can be customized in the Game Center app. If you did not login to Game Center, the name is determine from the following sources (if used) in order: your name used for iCloud, other email, the name on your iPad/iPhone/iTouch.
You may customize the names of the computer players.

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  • Osssip Terrible!!!
    Can't take chow/pung;( want my money back!!!