Match it? Animal Match — educational learning card matching games for kids and adults


Match it? is a funny and adorable Farm Animals Matching Game for everyone who loves farm animals! It will enjoy your kids and whole family with cute, lovely drawn artwork and funny animals sounds. In addition this game will sharp your mind by training your visual memory and ability to concentrate attention.

How to play:
This game is easy to play but difficult to master!
Initially you will see all cards turned face down. Tap on one of the card and remember the picture on it. With the next tap try to find and flip the card with the same picture as previous one. If the pictures on the both cards will be the same they will stay opened and you can continue with the next pair. Otherwise both cards will flip back over and you will get another try. Try to find all matched cards with few clicks and time as possible to get more scores.

√ simple and intuitive interface which is easy to use and easy to play
√ colorful and lovely handmade artwork, specially designed for kids and toddlers
√ retina display graphics support on iPhone
√ 3 levels of difficulty with 2×3, 3×4 and 4×6 cards
√ tracking of high scores in the game center and in the result table
√ universal binary for all iOS platforms: iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

√ visual memory training
√ increasing of short term memory
√ concentration improvement
√ developing of the cognition skills

We wish you a lot of fun with this game!

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