MTG Manager


MTG Manager is an app for Magic: the Gathering™ players — It provides easy access to info, rules and translation of every Magic: the Gathering™ card just by scanning them.
It harnesses the power of own Engine to provide a fast and reliable scan of each card.

Free Features:
* Scan a MTG card in less than a second and in any Language — get instant access to the cards info in English.
— Oracle Text
— Price
— Additional info:
— Card Ruling
— Card Legalities
— Reserved List Check
(No Internet connection needed!)

* Check card’s price from or
— Download the list everyday, to access the prices anywhere anytime.
— Choose card’s edition and access its prices.
— Check card image provided by TCGPlayer (Internet required!)

* Card List
— Cards Database is updated to Commander 2016!

* Stores

* Free Inventory Slots
— 100

* Inventory Slots
— 2000 for $4.99
— 5000 for $9.99
— 10000 for $14.99
— 5000000 for $49.99

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  • d8p Обязательно всем, кто играет в МТГ
    Крутое приложение. Выручало не раз. Удобно найти оракл текст по скану, перевод на английский с незнакомых языков. Или просто найти английское название русской карты для обмена.