Ninja Run Multiplayer Race PRO — Mega Battle Runner for Kids (Real Online Rivals)


Ninja Revinja is new and improved, this time with a REAL multiplayer game! Fight other ninjas at full speed while you race down the road to the finish line. Jump, dodge, and throw ninja stars as fast as you can. It’s a kill or be killed world of ninjas!

— Unlimited play
— 4 player multiplayer free for all deathmatch battle royale insanity
— Extremely challenging
— Powerups to help you cut down enemies and bring glory to your family’s name
— Massive amounts of awesomeness and love piled on top
— Huge, astronomical updates in progress for your increased enjoyment

(Fake) Reviews:

«Pros: Made my life complete. Cons: My wife no longer completes me.»

«I downloaded this and lost 20lbs in 3 days!»

«This game browses reddit for me so I can waste time twice as fast!»

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