Conquer the ancient kingdom of Egypt and become rich beyond your dreams. Travel to glorious pyramids, ruins, and even the tombs of Pharaohs past. Pachinko Slots Gold Casino is an addictive coin drop game. Just tap the screen to drop coins on to the pegs and gold slots below to get the highest score you can. If you win the round, you take the glory and the gold 😀

With each new stage the stakes increase, dare you take on the challenge and win big?
Free coins can be collected in the main menu screen by watching a short video, or just leave the screen running and the counter at the top increases your coin count automatically.

Time to jump in, explore this ancient world, and become richer than the pharaohs themselves!!!

— Travel to beautiful ancient egypt and get super rich. Get more gold than the kings and gods themselves. Just tap the screen to drop coins on the pegs below, get the highest score in the round, and win big.

— Lots of levels to play and super easy controls for both kids and adults, dumb proof — just one finger touch 🙂

— Real coin pusher style bounce physics, sound effects, and tomb raider style music. A great atmosphere of mystery awaits, dare you explore the pyramids?

— People who love betting / gambling games like slot machine inca, poker, or house of fun vegas will love this game too. Hit it rich and see money rain from the sky each time you enter the menu screen.

— This game don’t need wifi. Jump in now and share your score with your best fiends on facebook / twitter, help us spread the word.