Poker Odds Pro


Poker odds taken to the next level… Hand ranges, hand rank stats, draw stats, equity heat charts, save hands, and more. Other apps can show odds of making a full house. This app can drill down deeper and see odds of each specific full house. Want to see breakdown of only the hands won? Now you can. Want to see breakdown of hands that use both hole cards? Now you can.

Easy to use hand range editor and icons that look like mini-representations of hand ranges.

Stats include equity percentages, win percentages, tie percentages, rank breakdown stats, draws breakdown stats, equity heat chart, and best overall hand stats.

Main Features:
1. Calculates odds for up to 10 players.
2. Assign cards, random cards, or hand ranges.
3. Calculates equity %, win %, tie %
4. Calculate to: pre-flop, flop, turn, or river
5. Easily fold players
6. Dive down feature in hand rank, best hand, and draw stats to get more in depth data
7. Equity heat chart
8. Swipe to delete player.
9. 27 Built-In Hand Ranges
10. Create and store infinite number of Custom Hand Ranges
11. Save hands for future reference.
12. Twitter and Facebook Integration



  • First1992 Poker
    If you play poker this is app must have
  • Slaaice Best equilator on appstore
    Great app, very fast, responsive, has good usability. Best on the market from what I have seen si far. To developers: please add flopzilla-style detailed flop range breakdown. We dont necesserely need river range distribution when only flop is dealt, and switching to "calculate to flop" option feels clunky and doesnt help much to really break down card range.