Poker Winner


«Hottest Poker App to Learn Hold’em Starting Hands!» — Michael «The Grinder» Mizrachi

«Poker Winner reveals some of my secrets of winning in poker!» — Matthew Affleck

How well do you know Texas Hold’em statistics? You know pocket aces are always a favor. How about pocket deuces or 98 suited?
Do you know 22 is a loser in a 4 handed table but a winner in a 6 handed table?
Do you know 98 suited is playable in a raked tight table only with 6 or more opponents?

Poker Winner reveals some shocking Texas Hold’em Preflop statistics. The results are based on millions of hand simulations.

It’s perfect for beginners. However, all levels of poker players should benefit from knowing the stats. You would make more money in the long term by simply folding those losers preflop!

Developer successfully cashed at his first two WSOP events with this knowledge. Check out his other best selling poker bankroll tracker Poker Income at:

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