Rummy — Gin Rummy


Rummy Multiplayer is one of the BEST Rummy Cards game on the App Store, and the best thing about it is that its for FREE.

Rummy features beautiful graphics and intuitive game play.
In theory any number can play, but it is widely agreed that Rummy is best for two players. Since there is some scope for hustling collusion when more than two people play, some prefer to play with two players only.

Rummy with its speed and simplicity, is designed both for the expert looking for a clean Single Player and for new comers looking for a simple Rummy app to pick up the world’s most popular card game.

Ten cards are dealt to each player, clockwise, one at a time. The next card is placed face up on the table to start the discard pile, and the remaining undealt cards are placed face down in a stack beside the discard pile to form the stock.

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