Slots of Legend


Collect your fortunes among the legends of history, and become a legend yourself! Test your luck and seize your riches with Buffalo Bill and his Wild West Show! Traipse through the jungle collecting diamonds with Mowgli and his animal friends! Lightning crashes and coins rain in Dracula’s castle! Flurries of fun await if you can outwit the ice queen in Frozen Fortune! Rub shoulders with these awesome legends and many more as you rake in the coins and fun! Slots of Legend also features:

–Achievements: Collect Gamecenter trophies as you play!

–Special Gems: Want to earn piles of coins in special mini-games? Want to multiply your winnings at a roulette table with second chances? You’re going to love collecting Gems!

–Free Spins: Hit three or more scatter tiles and watch your fortunes rise with unique free spins in each game! Progressive wilds! Expanding wilds! Collapsing tiles! Huge payouts!

–Special Bonus Games: Play for fast credits in a shooting gallery! Sneak through Dracula’s lair looking for treasure! Charm snakes as you discover diamonds!

–Leaderboards: Vie for the top spot and see where you stack up among your friends and the world! Earn your rank as a legend!

–Hourly and Daily Bonus Coins: Spin for free coins every day! Hit the hourly bonus for even more free chances to win!

–Experience: Earn experience through spins, win experience as you play, build your level to enable higher bets, bigger hourly bonuses, and unlock extra games!

–One of the best Slot Machines in the App Store!

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