Solitaire Klondike


A brand new version of the Solitaire Klondike (also known as Windows Solitaire or Patience), specifically designed for iOS devices.
Features includes:
— Universal App
— Easy drag and drop;
— Auto fill card to foundation piles;
— Portrait and landscape mode (full support of iPhone 5 resolution);
— Easy to read and brand new original card sets;
— Three Levels:
— Easy (draw 1 and unlimited undo)
— Medium (draw 3 and unlimited undo)
— Hard (draw 3 and no undo)
— Gamecenter leaderboards:
— Games played
— Games won for each level;
— Cumulative time played;
— Best times for each level;
— Best moves for each Level;
— Gamecenter Achievements with milestones as you progress into the game

Ready to challenge yourself and your friends?