Texas Hold ’em or Fold ’em — Poker Trainer


Texas Hold ’em or Fold ’em — Poker Trainer is an app meant to turn you into a professional Hold’em player! Unlike other poker training apps, this one will give you a large variety of hands and allow you to learn by trail-and-error instead of throwing blocks of text at you that only explain a small number of hands!

This app is good for beginners and advanced players a like. New players can learn a wide variety of new strategies and advanced players can hone their skills by playing hands at a fast pace.

Users speed and correctness and tracked so they can see their progress first hand and those using the Game Center can compare their scores to others!

In addition to teaching you poker strategy, you can also play against AI who play with varying amount of skill to test everything you’ve learned. The hands can be played quickly and with adjustable speed so you aren’t waiting around to play a hand.

Beginner Modes
Poker Terms: Poker terms allows beginners to learn poker terms and jargon so they know what is being said around them at the table. It is displayed like flash cards and allows users to remove terms they already know so they can focus on what they want to!

Hand Types: Hand Types teaches beginners what the different types of hands are in poker by showing them random hands and asking them to select what rank it is.

Memory: The Memory mode simulates a game of poker and asks the user to memorize both their hand and keep track of how much money is in the pot as each hand bets like they would have to when playing in a casino.

Moderate Modes:
Preflop Basics: Preflop Basics teaches the user to play a tight-aggressive strategy before the flop by showing random hole cards and asking the user if they should play or fold the hand based on the cards and current position of the player.

Preflop Odds: Preflop Odds teaches users what the odds two hole cards have to win by giving them a table of percentages. In addition, it allows the user to test their memory by showing a hand guess from the multiple choices.

Counting Outs: Counting Outs shows a random hand and table cards and asks the user to input the number of outs then tells them if they were correct. It also allows them to view all outs if they don’t understand why the answer is what it is.

Nuts: The Nuts mode teaches players to recognize if they have a hand that’s considered a «nut» or the best possible hand on the table. It will show randomly generated hands and track how often the user is correct.

Poker Math: Poker Math contains a wide variety of formulas associated with poker such as pot odds and expected values. It creates a random problem and asks the user to solve it so they can practice their mental math and make it a lot easier to do it under pressure at the table.

Advanced Modes

Ranging: Ranging helps users practice putting their opponents on a range. A random five table cards are displayed and the user is asked to pick what the possible hands an opponent could have.

Preflop Pot Odds: Preflop Pot Odds expands upon Preflop Odds taking the percentage to win and calculating the hand’s odds ratio as well as calculating the pot odds ratio based on a given amount of money in the pot and the amount to call.

Disguised Hands: Disguised Hands teaches the user how concealed their hand is and thereby increase their implied odds. It also explains which hands are obvious to opponents. This will teach players to put themselves on a range to give them an advantage over their opponents.

Betting Strategy: Betting Strategy combines Poker Math and Counting Outs to teach the player how much they should bet depending on how many outs they have so they have a positive expected value.

Preflop Strategy: Preflop Strategy expands upon the basics by teaching the user what play they should make depending on what the action of the players before them.