The Dicenomicon


Deluxe fantasy role playing dice roller that actually rolls dice!

— All the standard dice shapes (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20)
— Exotic dice shapes (d14, d16, d18, d24, d30, and now d48, d60)
— Specially marked dice for d100, d1000 and dice for FUDGE
— «Relabelled» dice to simulate d1 (binomial 0 or 1), d2, d3, d5, d7, d9, and averaging d6 dice.
— Richest dice formula language available:
— Add, subtract, multply, divide dice results and constant values
— Modify dice results to take the highest N dice, lowest N dice, etc… (making it trivial to do «roll 4 six sided dice, keep the 3 highest» = «4d6H3»)
— Includes support for Storyteller style «count dice greater or equal to a given threshold, subtracting any 1s from that» (so a dice pool of 5 with a target number of 8 is «5d10tn8»)
— Open ended (aka «exploding») dice
— Fully customizable list of «favorite» dice formulas (edit, add, delete, reorder)
— Multiple background, dice textures
— Choose between single colored dice, or multi-colored
— Free-form mode lets you add/remove dice, ignore certain dice, or «hold» others such that they remain where they are when you reroll.
— Shake your phone to roll (or just tap the «reroll» button for secret rolls)
— Organize all your settings into multiple «game rooms» allowing you to easily switch between different gaming styles
— Character sheets integrated into the Dicenomicon — keep track of your characters abilities, stats, rolls, etc… No more erasing holes in your paper character sheets!
— Browse PDFs and more in the background behind your dice
— Dropbox support to make it easier to share game data between devices