Video Slot Classic HD


Video Slot Classic HD is a video slot machine simulation game. It is based on a classic and famous video slot machine. The game object is getting the highest prize. You can play it on the go to see how lucky you are everyday. Now your destiny is on your hand. Bet it, roll it, double it, and win it.

Main feature:
1. 3×3 rolling slots make it lots of fun.
2. You can bet on line 1 — line 8 with total 96.
3. Stop all lines at once or separately.
4. When you double your prize money up, you will play a poker game. Win or Lost depends on whether the card is bigger or less than seven.
5. Three types of bonus stage when you get specific prize.
6. Nice gameplay
7. Rich game rules. Japan Pachislot style prize system.
1. If you have enough credit, press Spin(Start) to start rolling with last bet.