BEWARE: This game may consume you!

Have you been looking for a game that is faithful to the original Yahtzee dice game? YahtZ cuts out the fluff and gets straight to the game.

The interface is specially designed to make play seamless and carefree.

YahtZ allows you play with AS MANY FRIENDS as you want! 25 players? No problem!

Tired of ads? YahtZ is ad-free! How great is that?

See how many DOUBLE-YAHTZ’s you can get! 100 points each! Ka-ching!

Accidentally enter your score in the wrong field? No problem. The handy «Oops!» button lets you take care of that without ruining your game.

Bad game getting you down? Just hit «New» and start with a fresh game.

Formatted for your iPad, iPhone, iphone 5, and new iPod touch.