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Compete against your friends and yourself (beat your own high score) in this highly addictive dice game!

The purpose of the game is to fill in the 4 columns achieving the highest possible score in each field (in Full Game).
These columns are:

Downwards: you have to fill in the fields starting with your score in “1s” and ending with your score in “5 of a Kind” (descending order).

Upwards: you have to fill in the fields starting with your score in “5 of a Kind” and ending with your score in “1s” (ascending order).

Free: you do not have to fill the fields in any particular order.

Declare: you also fill in the fields in the order you wish, the only restriction being that you have to declare which field you will fill in, after you throw the dice for the first time in your turn.
You are not allowed to place the score in any other field.

At any point you can fill any empty field in any column, given only the restrictions applying for each column.

How to play:
Press “roll dice” to start. In each turn you have three chances to improve your score.
When you have rolled your 5 dices for the first time, consider which field you are most likely to fill with the highest score. Then you can roll again up to 3 of the dices another 2 times before you have to fill in one of the fields.

Just press on the dice(s) you want to hold and press the «roll dice» button again.

If on your third chance you wish to roll one of the dices you originally kept, just click it again to release it and hold another one in its place if necessary. Now you have to fill in one available field with your score.
The score you have achieved is displayed by rolling over the fields until you decide which one you wish to fill in. If you choose a field displaying “0”, then you are actually “burning” this field (something which you are very likely to do whenever your score is not satisfactory for any field) and an “x” appears as your field score.

Have fun 🙂



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    Обожаю покер на костях, поэтому пришлась по душе :)