Yatzy Yacht — all versions and strong AI


Roll the dice, place your results carefully and go for the highscore! Yacht Dice Games is an addictive dice game where you can choose between classic Standard rules (same as in Hasbro Inc’s Yahtzee®) or try another variant: Scandinavian (yatzy). Two additional variants are also available.

CPU opponents lets you play vs the artificial intelligence. The computer is no slouch, but skillful Yacht players should be able to triumph. Activate them by tapping on the robot icons when you start a new single player/hotseat game.

To switch between the score table and the dice box on the iPhone/iPod Touch, simply swipe left and right!

Yacht Dice Games comes with three multiplayer modes: Hotseat/Shared Device, Local Network (Bluetooth, for 2 players) and Game Center (for 2-4 players). Challenge a friend or go for a game against a random stranger using Game Center’s multiplayer matchmaking!

With full Game Center support, you can compete against friends and the whole world for the top spots on the Leaderboards, or chase achievements to earn points and bragging rights.


For those who are interested in new challenges, there are two optional rules variants available for purchase in the game:

● Maxi Yacht: This is a more advanced game the follows a similar scoring pattern to Scandinavian rules, but where you have 6 dice instead of 5 and get to keep any leftover rolls for the next round – this makes tactics much more important and decisions harder. This is a great game for players who find regular Yacht a little too «easy». Adds several new scoring categories to account for the extra dice. Full rules can be found on the Yacht Dice Games website.

● Generala: This is a classic dice game most commonly played around Latin America. There are several different versions of these rules, but Yacht Dice Games follows the version listed on Wikipedia. A much faster game than regular Yacht, Generala still offers some interesting twists. For example: 3,4,5,6,1 is a straight, and if you roll up 5 of a kind on your first roll you win the game instantly. For full rules, see the Yacht Dice Games website.


As a lone indie developer, I strive for perfection in my games. If you encounter any bugs, experience any difficulties or have any suggestions on how to improve Yacht Dice Games, please contact me directly at scryb@me.com.



  • Bazelyaka Nice game!
    But there are problems with the access to the rules, and while I was trying to write a letter for support - the app simply closed. But it nice!